Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A tough Final Semester

Assalamualaikum.. Wow...its been a while since I last opened up my very own blog..it was a very2 tight unswing schedule I had for my last couple weeks..seriously I never thought that my life could be as busy as it was, at least not now!! but yeah, life is a fast changing game so lets move on buddies..

I may say I really had a tough way along my last semester of pursuing bachelor degree of mechanical engineering..with some crazy interviews I have attended as a so-called good front cover of my job hunting magazine, I had been driven crazy with all my thesis stuffs..I was left with a very minimum supervision, standing alone craving for ideas on how to light up my project with almost no fund at all..it was crazy..very very ridiculous..but somehow, I realized the significance of 'unlimited freedom' granted by my supervisor along this journey..I finally feel it..on what?I'll tell u after I get my grade..huhu..my infinite appreciation for you Mr Zamri.

But yet, the cherry is not gonna blossom forever, the saddest part is coming into..I managed to have my step on Petronas Structured Interview in last few months..Walking pass the KLCC Tower 1 security gate was just like a dream comes true..But suddenly i lost grab on myself..I didn't even know how to greet my interviewers!! Then the longest hour of my life begins..my brain suddenly did an emergency shut down, and I just a dumb silly guy especially during my role play. Seriously it ripped me apart, made me completely lost my self-believe..I don't know the result until now, n my friends neither..Dude, I think I blew off my chance...

Wowowo...if u started to think it was tough, I need to stop u there..toughest time is when u completely exhausted of doing something..Shell campus interview on afternoon trailed by Murphy Oil interview few hours after was sure did thing..I still can clearly remember how tired I felt when I was praying Asar in Masjid Asy-Syakirin KLCC after that interview session..I almost cried at that time, having an unspeakable feeling deep inside my heart..but I just got an email, I manage to get through to the final stage Shell interview! I don't know what I did in the interview room that impressed them so just skip this...err..it does sound like one more 'long journey' to go isn't it?? Told ya, this magazine has thousand pages in it..damn!! but insyaAllah someday I'll see the hikmah behind those tough moments..=)

Ermm I'm afraid that's all for this post..InsyaAllah I'll be here again in no time..Assalamualaikum..

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